Ever have a day like this… ?

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… where there just aren’t enough hours in the day, minutes in the hours, time to catch you breath and get everything done? 
Forgive me for sharing that with you but it’s just one of those weeks… Maybe coming off of the Passover holiday where this country shuts down and no bread is to be found 
or it might just be that spring is in the air. Either way, I’m drowning in the details. So bear with me while we look at the links below, highlighting Israel and our world in the past few days. 
You’ll find some international stories, alongside some very worriesome antisemitic events, including the horrific shooting in California, and the Rabbi’s inspiring message following.I hope you will be as uplifted as I was, and encouraged to do more. 
With that, I wish you a wonderful rest of the week, with kindness and understanding, and the drive to keep at it, no matter how cumbersome the details.Best regards from Israel! 
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‘New York Times’ must face its institutional bias, says media watchdogCAMERA executive director calls for “genuine self-reflection” regarding the paper’s “well documented pattern of bias” against Jews and IsraelDon’t Disparage Good People in the White House!If only the author actually did his homework by calling the Jewish community that works with the Trump administration and called the Trump administration, he might have known the facts.Jordan Valley: Israel’s religious, economic and strategic frontierOnce the mine-clearing is completed, the Israel Defense Forces will hand over control of the site to the Civil Administration and the Israel National Parks Authority; millions of tourists per year are expected to visit, with expanded tourist facilities in the works.A Terrorist Tried to Kill Me Because I Am a Jew. I Will Never Back Down.I do not know why God spared my life in my Poway synagogue. All I can do is make this borrowed time matter.
The Ultimate Message to the Nazis & Jew-Haters Today
Israel is Beautiful!
Credit: Gedaliah Blum
Please share comments and upcoming Middle-East focused activity so we can weigh in and provide insight that can help better inform and advocate for our joint interests…

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