Rumors and attitude is what it takes

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Dear all,

Amidst rumors exposing the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ – US plan for Jews and Arabs in the land of Israel – we’ve read what there is to read from the Lebanese-based source on what this plan is about. It’s actually more important to know what it’s not about – it’s not about Jerusalem, not about moving Jews from their communities, or establishing a free-wheeling additional palestinian state.

Our friends in the current Administration know Israel. They’ve savvy about this part of the world. The key decision makers have been here numerous times and would probably define themselves as Zionists in the historical, non-political sense of the word. The Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people. If it keeps getting carved up and handed out to others, the Jews will not have a place to call their own. That is the premise that must be at the base of any process that brings possible peace. More importantly, any process should bring prosperity for all the people in the region – this will be the first true step to a peaceful coexistence, our goal in the near future.

Empty promises or hopeful repetitions of past mistakes are a sign of distress, not progress. And we are not distressed. We are here to live, to prosper, to ensure our security, and yes to live with all of those who live here in this region. That’s the basis for a successful deal of the century. But I’d settle for peaceful coexistence, at this point, a real stepping stone to solving the challenges of our little country.


After an eye opening trip to Israel last year with our Yes! Israel team, Congressman Barr really gets it. Thanks for telling it like it is, on the House floor – this speech lays bare the attempt to claim a ‘two state solution’ would be possible or bring real peace. With friends like this, we can create real policy that defends our Jewish homeland and promotes real security for everyone in the area.

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Trader Joe’s is known for providing great kosher food at so many of its branches. This time, TJ stood strong, using honesty and integrity to withstand an onslaught of harmful calls to boycott – all because of Israeli cheese. That’s one BDS attempt that ended well.

Click here to let Trader Joe’s know you appreciate their honesty by dropping them a thank you note.


Enjoy the holiday season as it approaches. May your days be filled with loved ones. With joy. With the knowledge that we are productive, positive lights in this world. The rest will follow.

With much love in our hearts for all our friends and neighbors,

Ruthie, Sarah, Avi and the whole team at the Yes! Israel Project


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