The US Embassy in Tel Aviv – “Move it!”

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“Move it.” That’s what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Congressman Trent Franks, when asked about the US Embassy, in our recent meeting together in Jerusalem. “Jerusalem is our capital. Our friends should recognize that and move their embassies to Jerusalem. It’s that simple.”

So, we took our Congressional mission on a tour of Jerusalem. A unique tour, to see the sights owned or leased by the United States and that are potential sites of an American Embassy in the city. We saw west, we saw east and south, former consular buildings and current new ones with the capabilities for modern security protections, plus two leased properties, both of which provide an option for housing said embassy.

In our week of hosting Rep. Franks, we had the privilege of meeting with US Embassy officials who described contingency plans for when, not if (to quote President Trump), the Embassy moves to Jerusalem. Our team is currently in the midst of providing various leaders with ideas and responses to challenges that may arise, in order to create a comprehensive, responsible plan that allows the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act to finally not be waived, as smoothly as possible. The US President supports this, the Israeli Prime Minister supports it, and Congress deserves its laws to go into effect.

Not to mention Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and always has been, so why the fuss? #dontsignthewaiver

ancient old city jerusalem

Members of our team spent a day in the Senate this week, discussing Jerusalem and the latest anti-Israel boycott attempts, as well as Congressional solutions. Notably, the Israel Anti Boycott Act (US S720 & HR 1697) led by Senators Portman & Cardin, and Rep. Roskam & Vargas, expanding the Export Administration Act of 1979 and Import Bank Act of 1945 which prohibits engaging in a boycott of nations friendly to the US.

Some organizations would have you believe this is an unconstitutional restriction of free speech, when in reality these restrictions are placed on vital commercial conduct and help to uphold existing laws. An original cosponsor of the bill withdrew her support under this pressure – shameful. This legislation opposes last year’s United Nations Human Rights Council resolution, which urges countries to pressure companies to divest from, or break contracts with, Israel. It also encourages full implementation of the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 through enhanced, governmentwide, coordinated U.S.-Israel scientific and technological cooperation in civilian areas.

As boycotts of Israeli goods take their toll on commercial ventures, we hope to see this bill become law soon, without slanderous diversions to delay its passage.


Invitations have gone out for our Winter Senate Mission to Israel in February 2018, spouses and chiefs of staff included.
If you haven’t received yours, please let us know!

The Knesset winter session opened this week with two particularly strong speeches – President Rivlin, given the honor of the opening speech, spoke of the need for unity and a rise above party politics in order to protect the nation. Prime Minister Netanyahu gave what’s quickly becoming a historic speech on… pickles! Translated to english it’s more that he called the opposition ‘sourpusses’, who know only how to complain about the state of affairs on every front in Israel, before boarding a flight to a weekend vacation and enjoying the perks of a booming economy … the sarcasm hit home and the naysayers, or dare I say, sourpusses, were put in their place. Our PM posed with a wide grin and a huge can of pickles.

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It is indeed a beautiful country, and a growing success, so enjoy your beautiful autumn colors while we still have sunshine and await some blessed rains. Have a great weekend!



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Israel is Beautiful!


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