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We are THE YES! ISRAEL PROJECT – a grassroots organization making connections through social media and personal ties, for a strong, secure Israel. 

Join forces to educate, share, speak out, explore and call to action.

Speak out to defend Israel’s standing on the world’s stage, and work to strengthen those who do. 

Together we can promote Israel’s right to protect and defend the values that we westerners may sometimes take for granted, on the political, social and moral fronts. Together we gain strength for our message:  Say Yes! to a strong Israel.

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After Hearing the Gun Shots…

After Hearing the Gun Shots…

November 21, 2017

Friends, Local diplomacy: Rumors are flying that the White House has a peace plan. We welcome ideas with open arms, of course. Ideas that are responsible and protect the lives of those under discussion. The Oslo Accords seemed like a good idea at the time (not to all of us naysayers) but brought devastating terrorism … Continued

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