ABOUT Yes! Israel Missions

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Yes! Israel missions are about bringing people to see Israel for themselves, and then share it with others. 
There’s nothing like spending quality time in the places and with the people who make up a country’s personality. And one week on a Yes! Israel mission can really make this country come alive.

Missions emphasize the personal, and are tailored to the needs of our guests.


POLITICAL LEADERS  will meet at the highest levels and visit the places that bring their Middle East policy-making to life.

We build partnerships between Jerusalem & Washington that have successfully helped fight anti-Israel boycotts, bring the Jerusalem embassy issue to the the fore, the delegitimization of Israeli universities and pressures for an inequitable two-state solution, as well as address military & energy concerns and more.


ENTERTAINERS AND SPORTS FIGURES can find private and public moments to experience an Israel that speaks to them.

Yes! Israel Missions guests go places you hear about but have not been, and meet with the people who make the news, both in front of the camera and in the background. Our visitors take home an intimate understanding of the issues that are on everyone’s minds here in the Middle East, no holds barred.


Have special interests?

Yes!- Israel Missions researches to provide top-notch direct connections, tailored to our guests personal interests, political issues and business needs.  We team up with organizations that open doors to specific audiences and create connections that last.


FOLLOW-UP:  A serious approach for making the experience last. You return home, and continue to connect with Israel.

Seeking a public, well-documented visit? Prefer a private time to share with colleagues & followers afterwards? Yes! Israel Missions will make sure the right people hear about the trip, providing the coverage our guests need. From photo-ops to private meetings, the visit is secure and coordinated, with those who need to know at the highest levels and with the broadest reach.


Yes! Israel missions is the best way to experience Israel, with ongoing programming that stays in touch and coordinates efforts to further your interests. 

Yes!- Israel Missions work together with the Israeli Government and the United States Congress, as well as  non-profit organizations in Israel and the U.S. to make this a team effort. All travel and accommodations are Ethics-approved, and the highest level of service is provided. You decide when and how to travel, and we provide the rest.


For more information and to qualify for a Yes! Israel Mission today, please contact: