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Introducing a special program this spring: Celebrating fifty years of the reunification of Jerusalem.  Fifty members of the United States House and Senate will join forces on a unique tour of Israel together sending a strong message of US-Israel partnership.  We have created a particularly special one-week tour commemorating the 1967 Six-Day War victory.  For the occasion, we are combining the strategic and security know-how of Advanced Security Training Institute, along with the in-depth experience of the Jerusalem Policy Institute- Yes! Israel missions to give first-timers and veterans alike, a visit to Israel to remember.


You are invited to take part in this historic opportunity, where we will meet with senior leaders of Israel, survey the land up close and personal, stand together on issues of importance and create real-time collaborations that will take our two countries into a new era of renewed, close working ties. The program has the endorsement of the Prime Minister’s Office and will include high level meetings and confidential briefings, as well as insight behind the scenes of cutting edge technology and security.


Join us to be part of this powerful delegation as Jerusalem celebrates its Jubilee as the united capital city of Israel.  Travel the biblical heartland and witness military development and progress, the result of continued collaboration and friendship between our two countries.


Come and experience the pulse of the country – see how the people feel, hear what still needs to be done, and together, plan on further actions.  We will reach out to the world through the media to make sure that this message of strength, strategic cooperation and friendship, is spread far and wide – from the corridors of power to the grassroots of support.


We will celebrate this special city together, at this unique time.  

See you in Jerusalem, Spring 2017.


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