Defending our Beliefs and our Borders

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Dear Friends,

Not an easy few days for @POTUS as he faces a relentless press, pushing for audacious comments on Trump’s ex-employees. Yes, we all take responsibility for our workers’ actions, but that doesn’t mean we must face an onslaught of personal attacks because of it. Success breeds disgruntlement. I don’t know what happens behind the scenes in anyone’s election campaigns, but I do know that often, such as happened recently to a dear Congressional friend, public figures who succeed are susceptible to attempts on their good name. The US President is no different, and I trust the hubbub will settle down once the public realizes its misguided effort.

Meanwhile here in Israel we hope that the various Congressional midterm campaigns are not harmed and that the voters see through the smoke. Our pro-Israel candidates are excellent choices and important for all of us. We continue to be in touch with a number of campaigns to do what we can, as Americans overseas.


Seems like the push to support Congressman Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House is growing. What began as a simple statement of intent has grown into a full-blown parade of support from so many groups. From the Freedom Caucus to grassroots across America, Jim’s values and strong-headed leadership are a clear winner, as the American people seek true direction.


Our Israeli towns in the south are enjoying the relative quiet of an Egypt-bartered ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza, while Gazans are getting an open border with Israel and a steady stream of supplies. They’ve also received expanded fishing rights and more. Let’s hope that the people of Gaza take this bait, on the way to kicking out the terrorist Hamas regime and replacing them with democracy and free thinking – but that seems like a pipe dream. Israel will hedge its bets and retain control of the entire area, while finding incentives to move the Gazan people in a better direction. It would be nice to see the Europeans and international organizations do the same, but so far that seems too much to ask.

Here’s Caroline Glick’s take on Gaza this summer.


The town of Ashkelon lies on the Mediterranean just north of Gaza. The sheer number of Israeli beach-goers and the packed restaurants are a testament to our people’s staunch belief in ‘life goes on’ and our determination to enjoy summer, despite the intentions on our borders. Here’s a snapshot of our day.

Best regards from sunny Israel,

Sarah & the gang


Israeli defense minister: Any truce with Hamas must include return of Jewish ‎captives

Israeli Defense Minister ‎Lieberman notes “dramatic ‎decrease in security incidents” on Gaza border, and says recent shooting near security fence was most likely lone-wolf terrorism.

Hamas-Israel Ceasefire Talks Show that Peace is Impossible

The ceasefire negotiations between Israel and the Hamas terror group’s regime in Gaza point to a central truth about the nature of the Palestinian conflict with Israel. Before anyone speaks any more about a possible “deal of the century,” or a “two-state solution,” it is imperative that the implications of those talks be fully understood.

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Israel is Beautiful!

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