A Lull in the Action

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Hi Friends,It’s not often we can say it’s a quiet time here in Israel. But after the whirlwind politics of setting a second Knesset elections, and terrorist rockets raining down on our southern border, all’s relatively quiet on this eastern front. The weather is settling into its usual hot-but-healthy summer season, the kids are finishing up their school year and most eyes are on planning summer vacations. Just the way it should be. And while you might not get that picture in the news, this mom-political-consultant is looking forward to some battery recharging.To be sure, we still have our issues, and there seems to be an influx of gatherings lately to discuss them:
At the Jerusalem Post conference in NYC last week, Israeli Cabinet Minister Gilad Erdan received wide support in Israel when he told international audiences that it is time for the Palestinian Authority leader Abbas to go.
At the EMET dinner in DC, Senator Lindsey Graham announced that he aims to have a U.S.-Israel mutual defense treaty voted on by the Senate next year. He said “(t)he goal will be to make sure the [Israel Defense Forces] never surrenders its sovereignty and never asks us for one soldier to defend Israel. They just ask us for prayers and weapons, and we give them both.” Senator Graham explained that the treaty will add Israel to the list of NATO allies which have mutual defense commitments with the United States. Such a treaty would demonstrate to the genocidal Iranian regime that “an existential threat against Israel is an existential threat against the United States.”
In Jerusalem, the anti-BDS conference has experts gathered to review performance and plan ahead. The latest challenge, after Airbnb’s discriminatory policy was overturned, is McDonalds, with no branches open in some of Jerusalem nor in cities like Maaleh Adumim or Ariel – their common denominator being over the ’67 ‘green line’.
That’s McDonalds, for you, in hebrew 🙂Please join us in an effort to find the truth, by sending out a query to the corporate heads asking what their policy is
Send us a short video or written request for their official stand, to: 
steve.easterbrook@us.mcd.com, cc’ed to jaffestrategies@gmail.com. You’re welcome to use the information below, including past statements from the Israeli CEO that says he will not open branches in Judea or in Samaria as a matter of principal, with no denial from McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook.JPost: MCDONALD’S REFUSES TO OPEN BRANCH IN ARIELThe Guardian: McDonald’s Israel rejects West Bank branch proposalGlobes: McDonald’s refuses to open West Bank branch“McDonald’s Israel says that it has a longstanding policy of not opening branches in the West Bank.”
In Tel Aviv, the Sovereignty Movement gathered youth, in an unprecedented show of young, involved talent – to discuss further actions to promote Israeli rule in the area. Following US recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights, this platform was widely covered in the Israeli press and may play an important role in the positions of those running (again!) in the upcoming September Knesset elections.One last thing, enjoy this beautiful video from a friend, who translates his Judean desert experience into musical praise with David’s Psalm 146. Feel free to share, and we hope to visit the Arugot farm on an upcoming trip to Israel with you: https://youtu.be/SuOVYgxbbVABest regards, 
Ruthie & Sarah
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Credit: Gedaliah Blum
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