A New Year with US Administration that is unafraid to tell the truth

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Dear Friends,

Our children went back to school this week, on September 1, as is the custom here in Israel. While the US enjoyed the long end-of-summer Labor Day weekend (does anyone know what it’s really for?), we packed up schoolbags and lunches, took photos of the first day and sent them off. A parent recently said to me, ‘We tell our kids ‘see you later’ but in this country that isn’t a given. Terror strikes at Israel’s heart too often to be comfortable with that line.’ How sad, and true. And yet our daily lives are not scarred by fear but rather marked with the joy of a thriving, humming very much alive homeland, full of optimism and a will to make this land prosper.

It helps that the US Administration has been unafraid to tell the truth, and create policies that break myths and shatter some past mistakes. Truth be told, US Ambassador to Israel told us at his New Year l’chaim toast. By the way, if you listen to his opening remarks, studded with hebrew, his reference to ‘balagan’ should be familiar to those of you who’ve visited Israel with us – ‘sababa’ means cool, awesome; and ‘balagan’ is a big mess 🙂 Baruch hashem – thank god. Click on the video in the article, listen to his short, inspiring message for going forward.

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As we approach the Jewish New Year, it’s fitting to recite the blessing that in the name of our forefathers, we thank God above for helping us get to where we are today. This symbolic thank-you represents an understanding that we should be thankful for what we have, notice the abundance of good in our lives, and never abandon the hope that we can and will strive for better lives for ourselves, those whom we love, and those who surround us. Don’t miss this rendition of those sentiments.

shalom peace

Shalom from Israel,

& Sarah & crew.

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Abbas demands US replace ‘biased’ Greenblatt as Mideast peace-plan mediator

Ramallah official: An article penned by Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt substantiates the U.S. administration’s pro-Israel bias • In the article, Greenblatt accused Palestinian Authority leaders of harming the Palestinian people.

Iran may be using planes to move weapons into Lebanon, according to Western intel

Iran’s Fars Air Qeshm civilian airline may be smuggling weapons into Lebanon for the Hezbollah terror organization and Iranian weapons factories in the country.

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Israel is Beautiful!


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