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Ruth Jaffe Lieberman


Ruth Lieberman is a political consultant with a tour guiding degree on the side. Her activism led her to found the JPI and its flagship project, JPI- Israel missions. This network brings together Americans in Israel who join forces around the globe to speak out for Israel. Her political activism has included campaigns for the US Congress, and public policy work for the Israeli government and private foundations. She lives with her husband and five children in Gush Etzion, keeping up ties with her hometown Ohio.

Sarah Paley

Director, YES! Israel Missions

Sarah Paley lives in Israel with her husband and six children - working as a tour guide and sharing her passion for the Land of Israel with visiting dignitaries, families and businessmen. Her love of all parts of Israel combines with a phenomenal knowledge of the Bible and history, to emphasize the Jewish connection to the land throughout the ages.

Elie Pieprz

Director of Marketing, Yes! Israel Missions

From 2013-12015, Elie was the director of International Affairs for the YESHA Council (the Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria). In 2012 he was a founder of iVoteIsrael, a non-partisan organization which assists American citizens living in Israel to vote in US elections.

Elie’s diversified professional career includes serving as a DC based lobbyist, TV producer, real estate developer, and as a marketing coordinator for Microsoft. Elie, his wife and three daughters made Aliyah in 2010 from Mercer Island, WA. They currently reside in Ginot Shomron, Israel.

Avi Abelow

Director, social media

Experienced organizational psychologist/management consultant turned Movie Producer ("Home Game" on Gush Katif), Avi is now CEO of 12Tribe Films, a business specializing in video and social media marketing for Israel and which runs the video portal.

Atara L. Tendler

web and print designer

Atara has a Bachelors of Science in Desktop Publishing and Web Design from Touro College in Brooklyn, NY. She is the director of The iDesign Firm which designs creative and professional material for screen and print for clients in America and Israel. See more of her work at: