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As we eagerly prepare for another Yes! Israel Mission next week, we’ve looked through itineraries and scrapbooks with photos of leaders who have become friends over the years. We see faces enjoying the true personalities of Israel, the tough sabras, the warm embraces of terror victims sharing their stories, of the Prime Minister investing hours in our guests over frank discussion.. and we see shared times at biblical sites that are unsurpassed in their ability to wow, to take our breath away, as a wall of stones gains significance as the path our patriarchs walked up to Jerusalem.. and so much more.

I salute you, our friends, who take the time to explore Israel together with us, who open your doors when we visit, who eagerly listen as we report on the issue of the week or bring a message of cooperation from here. I listened to US Ambassador David Friedman elegantly face a barrage of questions from the international press corps this week, in a special briefing at Ambassador Dore Gold’s Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He seems to have accepted the fact that now the Netanyahu government must wait to implement sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, the West Bank if you will. At least until after our upcoming elections on March 2, and I pray that lost hope will not lose him the election.

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Meanwhile, we prepare to share perspectives on the Trump Administration’s vision, on the ground and with the people. We look forward to sharing our conclusions and to perhaps hosting you as well, in the coming critical months.

We truly are in this together.

Warmest regards from here,
Sarah, Avi and the Yes! Israel project team


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