Election Day, Israel

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Dear friends,It’s Election Tuesday here in Israel and tensions run high. Your average voter is thinking about their own well-being, for sure, but the issues here are fundamental and very tangible. Who’s the best leader to ensure security on our borders? What will the right balance be for religious freedoms under the next government? How will the economy continue to flourish?As we continue to send our loved ones to defend this precious land, and choose a Zionist party to protect our interests as the only Jewish & democratic state in the world, take a moment to read these thoughts, shared by a mom, an Israeli, a political pundit and a friend. We hope and pray for wisdom and a good outcome for a strong, determined Israel, always.Stay tuned for today’s nail-biter and results coming in after exit polls at 10 pm Israel-time, or 3 pm EST. I’ll be on media commentaries and will hope to send out updates throughout.If you’ve ever been asked who you’re voting for, click thru & tell us at the end of this article.Ruthie
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Credit: Gedaliah Blum
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