Elections are Over. What is with the New Israeli Government?

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Hi Friends,People are asking all about our parliamentary system – Who’s the government now, after elections? What does it mean that Netanyahu asked for an extension to put together a coalition? 
This system is so different than the US bicameral setup, with its checks and balances on the government level. 
Ours is a parliament of many parties, representing so many facets of Israeli society. And when the head of the largest party is given the right, by our President, to gather a coalition and form the government, 
he finds himself in a situation where each party can ask what it wants, in return for support and a seat at the table. In that way, this is democracy at its best. Rather than see it as vying for favors, it is the very real governance of the many,
each party pushing for the new government to include in its mission the ideals and wants of their electorate.So we hope that the next Netanyahu government will be formed soon, that the partners will be well meaning, deserving leaders who represent their populace with ideals and honest goals. Truthfully, I believe that is the case in almost all instances. We watch conservative parties call for implementation of Jewish sovereignty. Ultra orthodox ‘haredi’ parties push for Sabbath laws of observance. Military hawks want clear actions included in the next government guidelines. And so on. I am proud of this market of ideas, a direct result of the only democratic elections in the Middle East for a very long time. It’s not tenuous, it’s the best way the West knows for democratic rule.Hope you caught our social media involvement in expressing so many emotions this past week, from the somber Israel Remembrance Day for our soldiers and terror victims, to the quick switch to celebrating Independence Day on Israel’s 71st birthday. 
Yesterday marked exactly one year (to the hour!) that the US Embassy moved to its rightful place in Jerusalem, and we marked it at a small party with FOZ, PM Netanyahu and Amb David Friedman.Looking forward to anyone visiting over the summer, let us know if you’ll be here! 
Best regards, 
Ruthie & Sarah
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