Happy (belated) Fourth of July from Israel!

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Summer is officially here! Fourth of July conjures up grass, picnic baskets, red and white checkers, plastic digging toys and the smell of home cooking. For me, add the salt and wind of a beach and you’ve got a great kickoff to summer vacation, like the good old days.

We got out of the office to attend the newly appointed Ambassador’s reception, a red-white-and-blue celebration with Israeli kosher food and fireworks. The heat didn’t deter hundreds from coming to welcome the Friedmans with hope and respect. Ambassador David Friedman’s connection to Israel and the Jewish people is natural, reading from Psalms and expressing his wishes in the hebrew language. He is a believing Jew, a proud Zionist and American. This combination is a recipe for success and we offer hard work and honest effort together.

Enjoy the Ambassador’s speech on this occasion, and note his devotion to the great city of Jerusalem and to the teachings of ‘ancient Israel’:

july 4 israel

Our two countries share too much for a divide. Our religions bring us together with shared values as well. Here’s hoping that we’re smart enough to proceed with some caution, sprinkled with a little chutzpah, to have the world recognize Jerusalem as the capital of our Jewish country and to continue from there to right what has been wrong for too long.

We wish our Congressional friends a quick and productive July session, so that you find yourselves back in the district / state for the month of August!


Fifteen Commandments

Nikki Haley urges UNESCO against ‘wasted’ focus on Hebron vote

Nikki Haley is the best thing to happen to the United Nations!

The United nations wants to wipe away 3,000+ years of Jewish history with a vote? Seriously? It was established as the first capital of the Jewish nation by King David!!!

Thank you Nikki!!!

Time to party

To everything there is a season. True, hope springs eternal and ‘you can’t get too much winter in the winter’ (R. Frost). This summer is a season of firsts, and we must seize the moment.

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Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 14.04.02

Israel is Beautiful!


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