Happy election day, America!

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A long time ago, we began our journey together. Some of you here stand for reelection today – in the US House, Senate, State races for governor, and more. We Americans here in Israel believe in you. We believe in our joint values, in our common goals. We have stood together through election campaigns; through terrorist attacks; during weighty decisions of the leadership of both our countries. We trust in the bond that is stronger than an issue or an election cycle. Our bond is one of faith and strength. One that goes beyond the feel-good, the broad sweeping statements.

We have joined each other on both sides of the ocean for real-time collaborations. We’ve worked together in the middle of the night to fight evil. We’ve exchanged ideas on our way to meet with the top leaders of the US and Israel. We’ve worked to affect change from within, for the better good – so often not taking or even asking for credit.

Today, those of you who stand for reelection – first, know that we are so proud of you. Proud to call you a friend and to work together. You are an inspiration. We hope that your voters know most of the tremendous good that you do, and can guess at the rest, the part that we dont talk about, the behind the scenes that makes things tick. Those who believe in the values of community, family, god and nation – those constituents support you, and we hope will turn out the vote for you today.

The media and various pundits have run a huge campaign to besmirch conservative candidates. To prophesy the fall of value-based choice and to raise the voices of extreme liberals, amplifying them beyond their true value. We hope this ‘blue wave’ is just another dissipating trend in the ongoing tide that is depended upon, day in and day out, to protect the true America and its values.

Support for Israel, protection of Constitutional values, strong foreign policy, fiscal responsibility – we look to you to continue your honest work. And we are here, at Jaffe Strategies and our Yes! Israel Project, to continue the quiet, constant and targeted effort on those fronts. All of us who keep up with this newsletter know of the importance of everything that we all do, together and every day, to strengthen the US-Israel alliance and to ensure that our countries do not go the way that some would hope. Sometimes we need a reminder of the allies whom we have and the sheer numbers who support our work.

So as you wake up on this fine autumn morning, after we’ve said our morning prayers and gone early to the voting booth (or mailed in our absentee ballots!) – take a moment to feel the strength of your friendships, do a good deed for another, and enjoy your family and supporters while we await this day’s results together. Wish we could attend each and every one of your victory parties late tonight, pls know we are there in spirit!

Happy election day, America. Vote smart.

Sarah & everyone here

ps Please drop a line in response to this, and include a photo of where you are on election day – everyone on this list, all of our friends.

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