Israel Takes a PR Beating for Blasting a Terror Tunnel

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It’s been a busy day for Israel in the international news cycle and that’s usually not a good sign. Israeli press is largely, if not thoroughly, supportive of the war against terror that goes on here daily. However, Israel has taken a hit in the world media, while protecting our citizens from terrorist infiltration through tunnels from Gaza (built largely with mortar and money provided the Gaza strip for rebuilding its own civilian infrastructure, not targeting the destruction of a neighboring civilian population).

In short, feel free to defend Israel’s actions as part of the larger world war on terror. Mention that Israel is spending millions on deterrence and defense against this Gazan terror. Sometimes the terrorists blow themselves up inadvertently while tunneling their way into Israel to attack innocent families. This time Israel prevented that by destroying the means of sneaking into Israel – killing terrorists in the act. Israel acted on Israeli-soil, you can tell the naysayers, completely within their rights and not in Gaza as some would have you believe. And the people killed in the act had forfeited their lives by embarking on terror today.

Some of you have seen this tunnel-buster with your own eyes, together with us during our missions here in Israel. And others have legislated US support of the project – thank you!

Hoping this can help you deflect criticism of Israel’s fight against terror – click here to read this article for details.

In other historic news, PM Netanyahu has been playing host to Australia all week, in a celebration of 100 years since ANZAC – Australian troops in WWI – pushed back the Ottoman Empire right here in little ol’ Beersheba – Abraham’s biblical home. Nice to have some positive vibes here in Israel.

Read all about this special visit in my recent article here.

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‘I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you’ Israeli ambassador reunited with WWII hero

A SENIOR diplomat broke down in tears after being reunited with one of the British Second World War heroes he says he owes his life to.

Balfour’s greatest of gifts

So Netanyahu is right to travel to London to show his appreciation for the Balfour Declaration – protests or no protests. Indeed, he would be right to go to London even if Corbyn were prime minister and no one greeted him at the airport. By showing our enduring appreciation for what the British government did for the Jews a hundred years ago, we may inspire new unknown Balfours to stand with us tomorrow, even as the chorus of Balfour-haters drones on and on and on.

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Israel is Beautiful!



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