Israel Under Attack From Hamas in Gaza

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In Israel right now, it’s all about the south – and our border with Gaza.

If ever it were clear that the Palestinian Authority has no authority in Gaza, it’s now. Hamas rules. Hamas decides who gets money, power, basic supplies. The people of Gaza are beholden to terrorists and they are attacking innocent Israelis across the way. You’ve watched the fireworks, the hundreds of deadly rockets from Gaza aimed at our Israeli homes. Our children.

Our soldiers are poised to go in and put an end to the violence that terrorizes our southern towns. These are our boys – our husbands, our children. We do not wish to escalate the violence. Yet it must stop and although we have ways, many of them can be called ‘war’. Don’t fool yourselves; Israel will do what it must to return security to our people. But we would rather do so with diplomacy.

Little has been said by a frightened, silenced international community – Shame on them. A responsible world outcry would do much to appeal to Hamas, not in Israel’s name but for the sake of their own people, to save lives on both sides. This is not the first time you are called upon to step up, but it is an important one.

My blog yesterday was the featured piece on Times of Israel. It gives you a personal glimpse into what we ordinary Israelis are feeling and doing. If you didn’t catch it in the headlines, here’s another read. I’d appreciate your comments left at the bottom of the article, to keep it in high circulation online.
Caroline Glick makes a convincing case with her succinct reading of the situation at our borders and what Israel must, or must not, do. I hope it gives you thoughts to share further. Click here to watch.

Netanyahu’s Cabinet gathered this morning in an emergency meeting, followed by a notice to Israeli reservists to be ready for a call-up. Our soldiers are ready to defend their homeland and the safety of our people, we would just rather do so without loss of precious life. May God have mercy, may our leaders speak strongly and find protection through peace. It’s up to Hamas terrorists to choose peace.

And I leave you with a powerful message from Israeli President Rivlin, who spent a few hours with Israeli residents in the south:

President Rivlin made a solidarity visit to the southern town of Netivot amid a massive flareup of violence that has seen hundreds of rockets fired at Israeli communities adjacent to the Gaza border. He joined a group of residents gathered in a bomb shelter, telling them that all of Israel is standing behind them.

“I have said in the past and I will continue to say, the area around Gaza is the whole of Israel. When the sirens are screaming here, we hear them in our hearts in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and all over the country,” he tweeted. “Your strength gives us all strength.”

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