Preparing to combat Antisemitism on Campuses

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A good time to prepare for combating anti-semitism on campuses in the fall:Now’s the time to take stock of what we know and hear on the growing wave of anti-Israel rhetoric and action. We can push back, from Israel and the US, as well as around the world – some moves are in our hands, from legal to educational efforts. 
We’ve hosted numerous anti-BDS events here in Israel in the last few months, 
and read about more from the US Administration’s Secretary of Education and the Department of Justice.Take the time to read and watch these remarks, so that together we can form a comprehensive policy to respond to attacks, and to initiate our own ways to combat – and wipe out – antisemitism in these modern forms. 
With warmest regards from a hot July here in Israel -Ruthie, Sarah and team
Israeli Cabinet Minister Gilad Erdan hosted what has become the annual, definitive conference on BDS, in Israel – sharing insider information on following the money, from Hamas and other terrorists to BDS foundations. for our friends who haven’t yet studied the document delineating these connections, please refresh here: 
Special commendation to the whole team in Congressman Andy Barr (KY)’s office, for taking this on, studying the flow charts and working on ways to halt terrorist money from being exploited for hate.
This week’s DOJ summit on combating anti-Semitism: 
Attorney General William Barr, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and FBI Director Christopher Wray were among those delivering remarks.Click here to watch the summit
Special remarks by Alyza Lewin, Esq., of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law (found at 2:20 on the video).
Sec’y Devos: “These bullies claim they stand for human rights,” she said. “But we all know that BDS stands for anti-Semitism.”
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Israel is Beautiful!
Credit: Gedaliah Blum
Please share comments and upcoming Middle-East focused activity so we can weigh in and provide insight that can help better inform and advocate for our joint interests…

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