Some of the best Americans….

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… have referenced the Bible as the source of U.S. inspiration. On this July 4th we wish you a very happy birthday from across the ocean, Israel and America standing as one. Our team celebrated with Ben & Jerry’s and fireworks at the Jerusalem(!) US Embassy party (see below for some choice facebook moments).One of my favorite quotes: 
“Abraham Lincoln.. as president-elect in 1861, spoke of his fellow Americans as the Almighty’s “almost chosen people.”From us to you – Enjoy!
Fascinating! A Kosher Fourth of July“The American Republic was born to the music of the Hebrew Bible.”
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Israel: GroundbreakingFrom the layers of historic dirt at the cutting edge of current archaeological excavations in the holy land, to the latest in cyber technologies at a Tel Aviv international conference, my week was complete.Israeli experts debate how to approach an increasingly belligerent Iran“The maximum pressure campaign is working,” said Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “It’s always good to weaken your enemy—not strengthen them.” The question is whether Tehran will test that theory.A Terrorist State – Right Around the CornerA carefully-orchestrated and meticulously executed take-over: More than 28,000 illegal Palestinian structures have been built in areas under Israeli jurisdiction in Judea an Samaria in the last decade. The tools of this illegal program that has doubled the rate of construction: creation of strategic contiguity, a legal war of attrition, and agricultural land seizure.Another son of Hamas founder flees, blasts terror organization’s corruptionSuheib Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef and younger brother of “Green Prince” Mosab Yousef, flees the organization and gives a revealing interview to Israel TV.
US Ambassador Reveals Jerusalem’s Connection to the Founding of the USA
Historical Fourth of July Fireworks in Jerusalem
Israel is Beautiful!
Credit: Gedaliah Blum
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