Standing Up for the True Nature of US/Israel Alliance

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Today started for me with an interview on Israel Radio, yet again in defense of US President Trump and his Middle East policy. It’s the comments on twitter and unorchestrated media briefs that put us on the defensive. While I explained that we should look at deeds, not words, it is disconcerting when the media is given the opportunity to feast on rhetoric that weakens Israel, and the US-Israel axis. We know it is stronger than ever, and who could doubt an Administration that keeps it word time and gain – moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, aligning itself with the truth about the Jewish history in our land, and more.

Yet I wonder if we could work harder to emphasize this bond, making our claim to the true nature of our two countries’ alliance: It is based in honesty, in history and in a true reading of the intentions of those who live in this part of the world. Simply put, right now that means supporting the Israeli government in its quest to first ensure the safety and security of our citizens, and second, to achieve a level of normalcy or even peace that would remove the constant threat we face on our borders and from within. You are our partners in this and together we must take every opportunity to emphasize these facts, out loud and clear.

Some of you are in the midst of tough mid-term elections. Two weeks from today we will know who retains their seat, and the majority in Congress. People are listening to you, and I hope you take the opportunity to draw those supporters of Israel nearer to your camp. This is the time to repeat in no uncertain terms that you support an America that stands with Israel. An America that understands the tough decisions its dear ally Israel must make every day. To support the sovereign right and indeed necessity for a tough Israel that enables social justice while first ensuring the safety of its borders and its people.

As we read in the Biblical portion last Shabbat, we are all in this together. God told Abraham, ‘Go, go to YOU.’ Go to your truth, Abraham, for we know it is wise and just. Abraham was told to leave his home and set out on a journey, one that would lead first to the unknown. But he trusted in God, and in himself, to do the right thing all along. And that is why we are also told here in Genesis that those who bless the people of Israel will be blessed. Talk about being a light unto the nations – click here to read Sivan, an extremely talented friend of mine.

Truth is on our side, and I trust that our friends in Congress will be triumphant in the polls. We support you and are grateful for our alliance. America first – definitely. And we expect no less than a sincere Administration that chooses realistic honesty over quick-fix-initiatives that lead nowhere near peace. Your word on that is critical for this process. America first – definitely. Israel as your strongest ally – you bet. People are listening to you – now’s the time to win them over with your strong stand on US-Israel relations. America’s political leadership needs Israel practically as well as ideologically.

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Fourteen short days left til your elections. We ex-pats here in Israel stand with all those who speak honestly for America’s friends and allies.

Ruth, Sarah and the rest of the gang at Jaffe Strategies and our Yes! Israel Project.

p.s. A personal update, and some pride, for those of you who missed my blog:

1. Our eldest is in her second year of college, studying at Ben Gurion in Beer Sheba, in Israel’s south. Sound familiar? Yep, under rocket attack from Gaza last week. Here’s how it felt from this angle.
2. The oldest son just finished advanced training in the IDF and earned his brown beret in the elite Golani unit. Proud? Yep. Worried? You bet. For the full experience see my personal fb page, videoing the boys on their 45 km run. We all do this.
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Just your average Israeli family…


Mowing the lawn in Gaza

Wednesday night, the security cabinet convened to discuss the Hamas regime in Gaza’s escalating war against Israel. The current round of war began seven months ago when Hamas terror bosses ordered Gaza residents to the border with Israel.

Bethlehem after Oslo: Terror spiked in Israel’s absence

When the Palestinians had exclusive responsibility for security in Bethlehem, Palestinian snipers sat on the rooftops and shot at soldiers and Jewish visitors to Rachel’s Tomb.

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Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 22.10.33

Israel is Beautiful!


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