Summer Legislation, Protecting Our Countries

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Dear all,

August brings long sunny days, heat and the desire to finish up work to spend more time with family.

In Israel that meant the Knesset summer recess started with a bang, after 24-hr days to legislate before the end of term. We anticipate the current debate over the ‘Nation-State Law’ to wind down and for the country to realize we must not lose our precious identity as the single and only Jewish state, while protecting the rights of every minority living in our land.

Congress seems to have done the same, legislating last-minute deals and we hope your efforts have been successful and noticed by your electorate, as some of you approach November’s midterms. Israel’s government is set to last for another two years, but we anticipate a strong Netanyahu leadership calling for new elections perhaps six months before the set date, approximating next spring. Stay tuned for that.


Hamas and the PA are being urged to reconciliate. Abbas is reportedly worried that the world could see a rebuilding of Gaza as ‘the’ Palestinian state, leaving him way behind the political game. He can’t afford that, but neither are the terrorists of Hamas seeming to be willing to give up the limelight and stop hurling rockets at Israel’s innocent citizens. So if there’s no reconciliation, what do we have? A number of local palestinian Arab leaders vying for the limelight, not on behalf of improving the lives of their people but in a battle of who’s better at terror against Israel.

Right now it’s up to European and other sources of economic pressure on the PA to stop paying terrorists a stipend, to stop rewarding murder and to start using the international funds to rebuild their own communities. Well?

And while I insist on using the more accurate ‘Arab-Israeli conflict’ for what’s happening in this region, here’s a recent eye-opening report you might find useful.


Culture’s always an important way to build bridges, and it’s been abused in the battle by Israel’s detractors to boycott us. I’m glad to say that Brian Wilson, Beach Boy wiz, held a fantastic concert here in Tel Aviv yesterday – he rocked the house and should probably now seek retirement 🙂

Sun and fun and people on the beach… simple as that. #WelcometoIsrael

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With best regards from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world…

Sarah et. al.

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Netanyahu rebukes Norway’s foreign minister over the funding of anti-Israel groups

Meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday, the two discussed ways to ensure that humanitarian projects in Gaza are used for their intended purpose.

Trump’s offer to talk to Iran was a shrewd move – Caroline Glick

President Donald Trump’s offer Monday to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani caught senior administration officials as well as U.S. allies off guard. Many wondered what Trump could possibly be thinking.

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Israel is Beautiful!


Please share comments and upcoming Middle-East focused activity so we can weigh in and provide insight that can help better inform and advocate for our joint interests…

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