These NFL Players were Moved by Jerusalem!

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It’s been a hot week in Israel, and a busy one. NFL fans will be thrilled to know that 18 of the greatest to play the game, including Joe Montana, Roger Staubach, Eric Dickerson and yes, Cleveland’s own legendary Jim Brown, had what their group called a life-changing visit to Israel this week.

Heavily under wraps, we weren’t allowed to post, tweet, report or any other form of communication with the outside world on their trip. But as the group warmed to the special atmosphere of Jerusalem and were hounded by adoring fans, word got out: the ‘Golden Jackets’ of the Hall of Fame are here!

Click here for the official press release, which doesn’t do justice to the experience.

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It was a whirlwind fun time, with me out of my suit and into a Sipe Browns’ jersey for the duration. Of course there were the public appearances, but more importantly there was the private time to witness and reflect. ”This visit has been life-changing,” we heard more than once. They visited the City of David, saw start-up-nation technology, and spoke of the tenacity of little Israel, of our struggles and striving for excellence – so much in common. They got the feeling of family among all of us, working together to achieve so much. They leave, I hope, with a feeling of resolve to share with others, and we are so appreciative of these new friends whose fan base can help to mitigate the dangerous media frenzy that so often paints a picture of Israel that is simply untrue.

We are the good guys, you and us, and we will persevere together to achieve excellence, and the truth. Now we just have some new, cool friends to do that with ūüôā


News cycle has Trump envoys coming to the Middle East to talk peace. Always welcome, but for once it would be nice to hear from our friends a simple hello, we’re back, what can we do to help boost YOUR ideas for attaining a better, more peaceful situation here? We trust you, so tell us what you need and we have got your back. Wouldn’t that be nice, and productive?


Meanwhile the Palestinian Authority has not stopped paying generous stipends to the families of the shahids, or terrorists who blew themselves up while killing Jews. They also named a new square after one of these terrorists, paying tribute to his ‘grand efforts’. A well-known terrorist was appointed to the Fatah wing (Abbas’) of the PA leadership. Insanity that is being overlooked, while US and EU monies pour into the PA unchecked.


In a creative, solid attempt to thwart BDS – boycott- efforts: Our colleague Prof Eugene Kantorovich addressed the United Human Rights Council in Geneva Monday.


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He presented ‚Äčour new report, which demonstrates the false legal basis and perversion of human rights behind the UN Human Right’s Council’s effort to blacklist companies with ties to Israel:‚Äč ‚Äč Prof Kantorovich will be in Washington, DC later in the summer and we hope to have the chance to share this effort with you.

Congratulations to any family members and friends celebrating all sorts of landmark graduations this season, and regards from hilly Judea.


Burying Obama’s legacy

Finally!!! Don’t miss this good news analysis!!!

BREAKING: LP Files Groundbreaking Civil Rights Lawsuit Against San Francisco State University

BREAKING NEWS! This is big and finally a potentially huge change for anti-Israel college campuses where administrators allow anti-Israel activities and remove the pro-Israel groups from expressing their freedom of speech!

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Israel is Beautiful!

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