Update: Ceasefire

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Dear Friends,Thursday morning we woke up to reports of a ceasefire that went into effect at 5:30 AM. Most of the children have returned to school, businesses have reopened and regular life is starting to resume, that is if you do not live with the 40 km radius of the Gaza border. Since the asserted ceasefire, five more rockets have been launched into Israel and people in the south are still sitting in bomb shelters. So this bears the question, is there a ceasefire or not? On the one hand, all of the citizens of Israel certainly hope so as living under the specter of an onslaught of rockets is harrowing. On the other hand, the question still remains whether all of the IDF’s tactical objectives were achieved. Will the safety and quality of life of all Israel’s civilians be ensured? According to reports, the operations executed in the last 48 hours yielded successful outcomes. However, with this Israel must continue to be vigilant and defend its citizens against attacks.
Only time will tell if the ceasefire holds or whether there is more action coming in the near future.IDF ‘achieved all goals within 48 hours’Islamic Jihad announces ceasefire, sirens still heard in Gaza border communitiesBennett: IDF will operate without any restrictions
While the information above relates to what’s going on today, yesterday was quite a different story. I wanted to share some thoughts that arose during the recent rocket bombardment.We were rudely awakened this Wednesday morning at 6:00 am, reacting even in our sleep, to an Iron Dome missile flying overhead sent to neutralize another rocket bearing down on a neighboring community. Thank God this interception was one of the 90% successful interceptions of the over 450 rockets that bore down on Israel during the last two days. The rest of the day was quiet but as we prepared to go to sleep on Wednesday evening, we hoped and prayed for calm, especially on behalf of our brethren in the south who have endured a constant and relentless stream of rocket fire for almost 48 hours straight. I honestly don’t know how the parents are keeping their children busy in the small shelter rooms. My own children were going stir crazy in our house and neighborhood. They were actually clamoring to go to back to school, A.K.A. “normal life, ” hopefully expecting that to happen on Thursday. However, what about the one million civilians sleeping in bomb shelters nightly and those living within 40 km of Gaza? Once more their days will have to be spent in the relative safety of the bomb shelters. These are civilians and they are the targets of a terrorist organization sworn to kill every Israeli man, woman, and child, young and old. Thankfully leaders around the world have been generous in their condemnation of the indiscriminate rocket fire aimed at civilians. Here’s to hoping that the pressure will help end this round of violence… for now.Nonetheless, we continue to fight the slant and bias of certain organizations purporting to stand for human rights. The inaccurate reporting of this most recent Gaza bombing incident, specifically by Amnesty International, once again exposes the biases that lead to lies and attempts to alter the truth in order to fit a false narrative that so many want to believe. For example, by claiming that an Israeli missile hit the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights, Amnesty International set off a vicious round of condemnations against Israel. It was only thanks to honest reporting from Fox News Gaza correspondent Trey Yingst refuting this claim and providing live video to document what actually happened, that allowed the actual truth to be exposed. What actually happened was that the missile that hit PICHR was actually a misfired rocket launched by the PIJ that was shot from within the borders of Gaza. Yet clarifications such as this still don’t prevent Amnesty International from continuing to defend its false narrative or the completely silent response from PA media outlets.
Gaza rocket said to hit Palestinian Human Rights Commission office in Striphttps://twitter.com/amnestyClick here to watch the video from the @Reuters livestream via @RelicHq showing the errant Palestinian rocket falling short and hitting the Palestinian Independent Commission For Human Rights building in Gaza. Not an Israeli airstrike.Rocket barrage, IDF airstrikes and ceasefire reports cap day of Gaza fighting
In other news the US has expressed deep concern over the EU’s court verdict on Settlement labeling. Thank you again President Trump, and congressmen for having Israel’s back
US condemns ‘anti-Israel bias’ in EU court verdict on settlement labelingAnd in the meantime, Israel has to continue to look North and follow the activities on our Northern border, in order to make sure that we are secure from hostilities from there.
Russia sets up helicopter base in northern Syria after U.S. exitNever a dull day in Israel! Thank you for all your support.
PM Netanyahu: “Beware. Terrorize Us and We Will Get You”
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