Visitors and Election Prep

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Dear friends,With the Knesset in recess preparing for Israel’s upcoming national election in April, things here are slow politically. Much talk of who’s running in which party, when the primaries are for each, and so on, but not much in the way of legislation or even policy. I guess that’s a good thing and we should sit back and enjoy the hiatus.International Holocaust Day was observed this Sunday, and we featured this fitting commemoration – looking ahead to the next generation and the meaning of why we are here now. Hope you enjoy it and share with others.Our team spent the day hosting Roseanne Barr in Jerusalem, with the Western Wall and a visit to Yad Vashem’s Holocaust Museum. At the tree planted for Oscar Schindler, our incredible VIP guide Malky shared the dramatic story of her own mother’s survival… and subsequent 100+ great grandchildren!
From Left: Sarah Paley, Ruth Lieberman, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach & family, Roseanne Barr, Fmr Pentagon Spokeswoman Dana White
After a bout of snow that opened our Mt Hermon ski season up north on the border with Lebanon, it’s sunny skies here in the hills of Judea. 
Time to plan your next trip to Israel and to drop us a line so we can meet up.Shalom,Ruthie & Sarah
Roseanne Barr’s Message to Jews and the world from Jerusalem
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