We Stop to Give Thanks

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Dear all,

Last newsletter of 2019! As we stand on the threshold of a new year, we pause to celebrate.
Actually, we stop to give thanks, and what a good time for that.

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Hanukkah, the festival of lights, celebrates an ancient victory of good over evil, of the small vs the mighty, of the righteous Maccabees defending their Jewish cultural and religious rights in the Land of Israel. What a great, Zionist holiday it is! Maybe that’s why the color scheme seems to be blue and white, with glittering gold thrown in for good measure – and light. It’s the light of the menorah, lit by miraculous oil lasting eight days, that gets us one long week of presents and joy. Perhaps its deeper than that. Maybe the light takes awhile to reach us, its glowing embers warming a room, lighting up the darkness, creeping into our wintery long cold dark evenings, to replace it with cheer. The family gathers, taking turns lighting one candle and then another, growing the light each night and enjoying the warmth of togetherness and the reminder to be thankful.


We at the Yes! Israel Project are thankful for your friendship, for your support, for your continued reading of what we write, post, send out; sharing ideas that combine interests across the ocean and create bonds that are more than just collaboration. And now, in this holiday season, we thank God above for the bounty we receive all year, for the successes we enjoy together, for the vision of all we can dream.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season – Merry Christmas to those gathering tomorrow night with extended family and friends, sharing the warmth of the season and letting in the light of our tree / menorah. Remember to pause in thanks and to share deeper thoughts, as this is the time to extend our feelings to those around us and strengthen what’s important to each and every one.

With love and light in our hearts, we wish you a ‘chag sameach’ – holiday of joy!

Ruthie and the gang

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