Yes! Israel: Heads of State continue to recognize Israel sovereignty

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Dear friends,Last week we thanked the US for doing the right thing – recognizing Israel’s sovereignty on the Golan Heights.Syria certainly has not behaved itself, and your government acknowledged what we’ve known all along – the area must be in 
Israeli hands in order to promise safety and peace for the residents of Israel and the Druze in the region.Today I had the honor of speaking with Brazil President Bolsonaro, here for a trip expressing support for Israel. Press reports couldn’t put a damper on his messages, as you can see here. Despite the slant, the news out of Israel today is that this colorful, influential leader recognizes Israel sovereignty in Jerusalem and joins a long list of strong supporters who know what’s best for the region – Israeli democracy that brings religious and civil freedoms that are unique to the region.Israel has national elections in exactly one week – watch the polls, but not too closely. Working to help ensure Israel’s continued strength in many areas, from military security to economic growth and the strong-minded leadership that has thus far encouraged us to build our homeland – all of it. Root for the good guys, and stay tuned.Here’s a sampling of the issues that came across our desk this week… Enjoy and send us your thoughts!Ruthie & Sarah
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Credit: Gedaliah Blum
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