Yes! Israel: Huge Step with the Golan and Words about the Gaza Situation

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Friends,Just two weeks ago we were in some of your offices, discussing pending legislation on US recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights. It’s been law in Israel for decades, and now our closest ally concurs. All that’s left, after the thank-yous, is to include the strong, definitive language of the Executive Order and pass legislation to add a layer of security to this new US policy. Senators Cruz, Cotton & Graham lead the bill together with House Rep. Gallagher and many supporters such as Democrat Eliot Engel. AIPAC has not lobbied thus far on the issue, although it has been Israeli law since 1981. Let’s step up those voices of support from all sides!
Seen here, two heads of state concurring on so many issues has been a blessing for both our countries.
Next, let’s tackle the anti-Israel boycott – understanding the many layers of influence, the directions it comes from, and the web of support that so many BFS-based organizations enjoy- not all of it legal. Congressman Barr has the inside track on that, if you want to hear more; and you can see the new Israeli government report: . In it, you’ll get details on sources and effects, as well as a diagram following the money back to a distinctive, coordinated long-term effort by enemies of the state of Israel. Another issue that demands our attention, to be shut down asap.
Meanwhile, on the Gaza front the Hamas leadership has tried to excuse two different, 11-day-apart missile launches as ‘mistakes’. What, they smoke a cigar and lean on the ‘start’ button by mistake? It’s a tough call for any leadership, and in this case PM Netanyahu had to leave Washington quickly to return to the helm here in Israel, with responsible decisions. So far, our boys have had two battalions moved down south, along with thousands called up on reserve duty. It’s not full scale yet, but we tune into the radio and are told hourly how to conduct ourselves in the case of a missile attack. Cheery, for sure.On a personal note, as all mothers do, I’ve got mixed feelings when faced with the national need and knowing that my boy is that soldier sent to defend our country. With sometime-tears, I take comfort in friends and neighbors, so many of us with loved ones who’d be at the fighting front. And I haven’t forgotten to check in with our girls, two students at Beer Sheva’s Ben Gurion University, also given special warning & instructions on how to prepare the safe room. Sigh.This is Israel, small and mighty, and proud. I intend to concentrate on keeping it that way.With warm thoughts and prayers sent your way – in thanks for the support of the US on the Golan Heights and more, 
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