Visitors and Election Prep

Dear friends,With the Knesset in recess preparing for Israel’s upcoming national election in April, things here are slow politically. Much talk of who’s running in which party, when the primaries are for each, and so on, but not much in the way of legislation or even policy. I guess that’s a good thing and we … Continued

Our turn- Israel’s going to elections

Friends, The world celebrates Christmas and we wish all our friends a very merry holiday season. We hope you are together with loved ones, and that you get a chance – together – to celebrate all that is good in our lives and our world. And may we know how to leave our mark, to … Continued

Special edition: Praying for Shira

Friends, A young woman just buried her baby, a son, four days old. Not just any newborn, but a child born out of terror. His parents, Shira and Amichai, newlyweds all of a year, stood at a bus stop and were picked out and gunned down – for being Jews. Yes, by a palestinian arab, … Continued

Special edition: Hezbollah & Iran

Friends, Today is a special day, as we remember President Bush senior. He was key to Israel relations, particularly in the era of staunch Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir. When tomorrow comes, turn your attention to Israel’s ongoing battle on the northern border, just beyond our towns and homes. What is always a Hezbollah threat has … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving from Israel

Wishing all our American friends a very happy Thanksgiving – we hope you are all on your way home to be together with loved ones! We stop to give thanks for all that we have, to enjoy our blessings and to remember what’s important. We’ll be eating our turkey dinner Friday night, in the truest … Continued

Israel Under Attack From Hamas in Gaza

Friends, In Israel right now, it’s all about the south – and our border with Gaza. If ever it were clear that the Palestinian Authority has no authority in Gaza, it’s now. Hamas rules. Hamas decides who gets money, power, basic supplies. The people of Gaza are beholden to terrorists and they are attacking innocent … Continued

Happy election day, America!

Friends, A long time ago, we began our journey together. Some of you here stand for reelection today – in the US House, Senate, State races for governor, and more. We Americans here in Israel believe in you. We believe in our joint values, in our common goals. We have stood together through election campaigns; … Continued

Standing Up for the True Nature of US/Israel Alliance

Friends, Today started for me with an interview on Israel Radio, yet again in defense of US President Trump and his Middle East policy. It’s the comments on twitter and unorchestrated media briefs that put us on the defensive. While I explained that we should look at deeds, not words, it is disconcerting when the … Continued

The Escalating Gaza Terror

Welcome to autumn! With the weather changing daily, even hourly, you never know what to expect. Wear a sweater, take off the jacket… Stay serious and in the office, or sneak a kick through gorgeous fall leaves as you walk across the quad. It’s a season of change and I’m enjoying the unknown that awaits. … Continued

A New Year with US Administration that is unafraid to tell the truth

Dear Friends, Our children went back to school this week, on September 1, as is the custom here in Israel. While the US enjoyed the long end-of-summer Labor Day weekend (does anyone know what it’s really for?), we packed up schoolbags and lunches, took photos of the first day and sent them off. A parent … Continued

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