Friends, The time has come to think outside the failed two-state box. Friends of Israel: Allow the sides to come to terms with new options for real peace in this part of the world. With understanding and creativity, Israel can find the recipe for security and secure borders, while regarding the personal rights of everyone … Continued

Critical Information on Israel’s New Settlement Bill

Friends, This time we’re going to get a little technical, because the issue that seems to be headlining around the world is… no, not Syrian casualties, not economic tremors but approximately 1000 Jewish homes and a new Israeli law. Yesterday the Israeli Knesset passed the ‘Regulations Bill’ into law. To simplify, this law creates a … Continued

What is Going on in Amona, Israel Right Now?

Friends, Israel today: Ups and downs. Proud to be a sovereign state, devastated to be so overly-cautious with an intricate law. Today we are removing 300 of our own Jewish Israeli brothers from their well-established homes of twenty years, in the hills of our homeland. Amona, the focus of today’s news cycle out of Israel, … Continued

Back in Israel after Inauguration Weekend in D.C

  Friends, Talk about a whirlwind trip. Just landed back in Israel after Inauguration Weekend in D.C. We were thrilled to be able to see some of you, disappointed not to see everyone, but encouraged and celebratory at the new turn that America may be taking. We are hopeful and ready to get down to … Continued

Israel in the Media – Tools & Insights to Move Forward!

Dear Friends, The Yes! Israel Project wants to help think aloud about some of the issues in the media this week, hopefully giving you the tools to provide insight and ideas to move the agenda forward. Knowledge is power and seems to be sorely missing in the public debate, so here are two angles of … Continued

BREAKING – Terror Kills 4 in Jerusalem

Friends, BREAKING: As you wake up this morning, you’ve probably heard about the horrific terror attack in the midst of Jerusalem. An Arab Palestinian drove a large truck into a group of tourists, disembarking from their bus to tour the city of Jerusalem. Their guide did not hesitate to pull his privately-owned gun and emptied … Continued

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