Netanyahu prevails with creativity and humor… and lots of support!

Friends, It seems that three’s a charm, and our Prime Minister has pulled off a fabulous, positive, even humorous campaign in an atmosphere of national despair at being called back to vote once again. Click here to watch as he celebrates in song upon hearing the exit polls. And vote we did, in droves. Voting percentages … Continued

DC visitors to Israel!

Friends, Just saw our latest Yes! Israel Mission guests off at the airport, after a whirlwind week here together. Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson and their wives Polly and Kelly were our amazing guests here on an educational mission. We had a blast, but more importantly, a very intense time seeing the country and … Continued

Breaking: Our next mission arrives to analyze Trump proposal

Like  Tweet  in Friends, As we eagerly prepare for another Yes! Israel Mission next week, we’ve looked through itineraries and scrapbooks with photos of leaders who have become friends over the years. We see faces enjoying the true personalities of Israel, the tough sabras, the warm embraces of terror victims sharing their stories, of the Prime Minister … Continued

Trump’s Deal of the Century – the View from the Judean Hills

Dear all, Israel was the focal point of US news last week with the ceremonial presentation of what President Trump calls ‘the Deal of the Century’. And a good deal it is, notwithstanding some major pitfalls such as even offering a palestinian state at the end of a long haul. We have embraced the offer … Continued

A Meaningful Week in Israel

Dear Friends, It’s a particularly meaningful week, as world leaders gather in Jerusalem to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, at the 5th World Holocaust Forum with an emphasis on eradicating antisemitism in all its forms. Israel’s President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu are joined by so many countries in … Continued

We Stop to Give Thanks

Dear all, Last newsletter of 2019! As we stand on the threshold of a new year, we pause to celebrate. Actually, we stop to give thanks, and what a good time for that. Hanukkah, the festival of lights, celebrates an ancient victory of good over evil, of the small vs the mighty, of the righteous … Continued

Rumors and attitude is what it takes

Like  Tweet  in Dear all, Amidst rumors exposing the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ – US plan for Jews and Arabs in the land of Israel – we’ve read what there is to read from the Lebanese-based source on what this plan is about. It’s actually more important to know what it’s not about – it’s not … Continued

Historic Jerusalem continues to surprise us

Dear all, This was a week of same and different. Our leaders continue to face personal challenges. Some of Yes! Israel’s closest friends in Congress battle for the truth, as they protect the name of the President and his Administration. Truth is the best policy, and from here it looks like although there’s a majority … Continued

#GivingTuesday to Strengthen the US-Israel Connection

Proud of the strong US-Israel connection? Want to have a hand in making it happen? Here’s your chance. After the turkey, stuffing and shopping, it’s time to give back. Choose a cause close to your heart, something grassroots, committed, real and tangible. Say yes to strengthening the bond between America and Israel. Click here to be … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving from the Judean Hills

We Americans in Israel have a funny way of celebrating some old fashioned American holidays.. sometimes off by a day, or we forget it’s a long Labor Day weekend back where we came from, or we are just plain not having the right season for snowy holidays here in the Middle East. But Thanksgiving – … Continued

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