Defending our Beliefs and our Borders

Dear Friends, Not an easy few days for @POTUS as he faces a relentless press, pushing for audacious comments on Trump’s ex-employees. Yes, we all take responsibility for our workers’ actions, but that doesn’t mean we must face an onslaught of personal attacks because of it. Success breeds disgruntlement. I don’t know what happens behind … Continued

Israeli Restraint in Gaza. No We Don’t Trust Hamas

Friends, While news pundits here busy themselves with more frivolous stories on government personalities and appointees, a very real issue emerged as yesterdayIsraeli PM Netanyahu blasted UK Labour leader Corbyn. In this country, and for the Jewish people, comparing any of us to Nazis is just beyond the pale. I am proud that our leader … Continued

Summer Legislation, Protecting Our Countries

Dear all, August brings long sunny days, heat and the desire to finish up work to spend more time with family. In Israel that meant the Knesset summer recess started with a bang, after 24-hr days to legislate before the end of term. We anticipate the current debate over the ‘Nation-State Law’ to wind down … Continued

Israel Battling Deadly Rampages on Gaza Border

Friends, Israel is featured around the world as it continues to battle deadly rampages, held weekly as Gazan palestinians threaten the border with burning tires and violence. They’ve announced this will happen every Friday for awhile, so get used to it. Or not. Perhaps rather than restraint, Israel should consider blocking the threat before it happens. Shoot … Continued

Who is a hero? – Happy Passover Message From Jaffe Strategies

A personal message from Sarah My grandfather David Lew and my daughter Leah Dear all, I just wanted to share some thoughts as we enter the exciting holiday of Passover when the nation of Israel underwent national redemption from slavery & tyranny in ancient Egypt. Its a compilation of thoughts based on an incredible personal … Continued

A Big Step in Curbing Terrorism. Thank You!

Friends, Let’s talk law for a bit here: The US Congress passed legislation lauded by my own Prime Minister, to curb terrorism by cutting off funding that pays terrorists. Sounds simple. Yet that process took alot of talent and raw determination on your part to get that done (Thanks, Congressman Doug Lamborn and others)​. And … Continued

Yes! Israel: Israel in Unsure Territory of Possible New Elections

Dear friends, It’s been a whirlwind few days here in Israel, nationally and personally. The Israeli news feed is overwhelmed with hypotheses on whether PM Netanyahu will encourage new elections here. The Knesset would have to vote to dissolve itself in order for that to happen, but it’s pretty much up to the PM as … Continued

Yes! Israel: Impressive Show of Force from AIPAC

Friends, An impressive show of force from AIPAC this week included an unprecedented break from its previously stated policy: Full support for the policies of the Israeli government. We’ve seen this stand whittled away but never has Israel been so blatantly provoked as this week when its executive director called for a palestinian state to be … Continued

Yes! Israel: Whirlwind Trip to Israel with Congressmen

Friends, It’s the Jewish holiday of Purim, where everything’s upside down! From King Achashverosh’s decree to kill the Jews of Persia to Esther saving her people. From Haman the evil to Mordechai the righteous. From somber to joyous, from serious to downright raucous. We gather in synagogues and communities tonight to read the story, Megillat … Continued

BREAKING: Israeli Army Court Case Making Global Headlines

Friends, Is this a little girl scared by a threatening soldier, or ​rather ​a soldier threatened by a menacing girl? Without context it might be hard to tell. But the Tamimis, a palestinian arab family, have been providing that context for us ad nauseum, in their own words, from every possible platform. What started as … Continued

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