Summer hello

A quick summer hello while Congress takes a long break, and many of us are traveling… Israel is leading in space again, with cutting edge communications technology poised to help African countries and more – #NoToBDS: Electioneering is still sleepy, which is good news for Israelis who still want to enjoy summer and not look ahead … Continued

Israel elections… Take two:

While the kids are in summer camp and adults are balancing work and long summer evenings, Israel goes to elections… again.Parties, this time: For a bicameral country like the US, it’s simple enough. Direct election of your local and state representatives, possibly choosing the personality, and the rest is often up to the traditional split … Continued

Preparing to combat Antisemitism on Campuses

A good time to prepare for combating anti-semitism on campuses in the fall:Now’s the time to take stock of what we know and hear on the growing wave of anti-Israel rhetoric and action. We can push back, from Israel and the US, as well as around the world – some moves are in our hands, … Continued

Summer Has Begun in the Holyland!

On the go traveling, I just wanted to share some top issues with you that we are thinking about in Israel.All the best, Ruthie, Sarah and the team Hot Topics on Social Hamas conducts surprise drill in Gaza StripDuring the exercise, Hamas fighters deployed along the borders, closed streets and shut down fishing off the coast.Pentagon … Continued

Some of the best Americans….

… have referenced the Bible as the source of U.S. inspiration. On this July 4th we wish you a very happy birthday from across the ocean, Israel and America standing as one. Our team celebrated with Ben & Jerry’s and fireworks at the Jerusalem(!) US Embassy party (see below for some choice facebook moments).One of … Continued

A Lull in the Action

Hi Friends,It’s not often we can say it’s a quiet time here in Israel. But after the whirlwind politics of setting a second Knesset elections, and terrorist rockets raining down on our southern border, all’s relatively quiet on this eastern front. The weather is settling into its usual hot-but-healthy summer season, the kids are finishing … Continued

Elections are Over. What is with the New Israeli Government?

Hi Friends,People are asking all about our parliamentary system – Who’s the government now, after elections? What does it mean that Netanyahu asked for an extension to put together a coalition? This system is so different than the US bicameral setup, with its checks and balances on the government level. Ours is a parliament of many parties, … Continued

A Special Week Here in Israel

It’s a special week here in Israel, with Remembrance Day followed by a celebration of our independence, 71 short years ago. Join us in remembering our fallen soldiers and victims of terror, all heroes who gave their lives so that we could live here in peace, security and pride. Then celebrate the founding of our Jewish state, … Continued

Ever have a day like this… ?

… where there just aren’t enough hours in the day, minutes in the hours, time to catch you breath and get everything done? Forgive me for sharing that with you but it’s just one of those weeks… Maybe coming off of the Passover holiday where this country shuts down and no bread is to be found or … Continued

Spring cleaning & nation building

Friends,’Tis the season to be cleaning.. This whole country seems to be airing out its linens, cleaning the cupboards, giving away old clothing – in the name of Passover cleaning, as we are commanded in the Torah. But wait, that’s not cleaning – there’s no bread, or crumbs, or really anything on the biblical to-do … Continued

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