A Message for Lovers of Zion

Friends, A simple thought from Jerusalem: If you lived in Judea at the time of the Second Temple, what would your day look like? It seems that there were a few dissenting opinions in response to that, namely some who believed in wholly spiritual acts, while others lived a pretty normal routine, peppered with the … Continued

Thank You Vice President Pence

Thank you, Vice President Pence. What a day! The opportunity to hear the Vice President of the United States address the Knesset, Israel’s parliament – a truly historic moment, and a great privilege. This has followed a series of significant moments that this administration has initiated in the last year from President Trump’s visit to … Continued

After Hearing the Gun Shots…

Friends, Local diplomacy: Rumors are flying that the White House has a peace plan. We welcome ideas with open arms, of course. Ideas that are responsible and protect the lives of those under discussion. The Oslo Accords seemed like a good idea at the time (not to all of us naysayers) but brought devastating terrorism … Continued

Closure for Terror Victims

Friends, Closure Sunday, I sat in Ofer Military Court with Eli Borochov and his family. Eli, an American tourist visiting Hebron had been shot in 2015 along with another visitor to the holy Cave of the Patriarchs. While waiting for the judges to convene, we reminisced about our days as neighbors in Cedarhurst, New York. … Continued

Israel Takes a PR Beating for Blasting a Terror Tunnel

Friends, It’s been a busy day for Israel in the international news cycle and that’s usually not a good sign. Israeli press is largely, if not thoroughly, supportive of the war against terror that goes on here daily. However, Israel has taken a hit in the world media, while protecting our citizens from terrorist infiltration … Continued

The US Embassy in Tel Aviv – “Move it!”

Friends, “Move it.” That’s what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Congressman Trent Franks, when asked about the US Embassy, in our recent meeting together in Jerusalem. “Jerusalem is our capital. Our friends should recognize that and move their embassies to Jerusalem. It’s that simple.” So, we took our Congressional mission on a tour of Jerusalem. … Continued

Warmest Wishes for a Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend

Friends, Warmest wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We will be celebrating here too, with specially ordered turkey and all the fixings, including late-night football and American pie. Enjoying with you, the holiday that best amplifies our shared values of family, God, humility and thanks. May you and yours know only health and happiness together … Continued

Post Hurricane Thoughts from Israel

Friends, As Houston pulls itself out of the water and Miami starts to clean up, we are witness to a great spirit of kinship among all; and especially with our Jewish brothers who sought shelter in places like Atlanta who opened their hearts and homes, hosting strangers for Shabbat and more. We are one, and … Continued

The Truth about the Temple Mount Crisis and Supporting Israel

Friends, Here’s an idea for all of us over the summer: Buy Israeli products. This is our productive positive answer to those who would rather boycott Israel. Boycott? Nah. I’d rather purchase the excellent Israeli items for sale. So thanks in advance, and we hope you enjoy the companies that we are highlighting for you … Continued

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